Need a blast…time to invest in a power shower

Power shower headFinding the best power shower can be challenging especially for first-time buyers and users. Making the right choice is further complicated by the many varieties and brands in the market. This type of shower works in a similar manner to the standard mixer shower and is suitable for both hot and cold water. However, it is designed for use in areas with low pressure for instance systems that rely on the force of gravity. When looking for the best type or while reading reviews you need to pay attention to the following issues:

Flow Rate
Power showers are classified according to the flow rate which is described in liters per minute. The goal of this shower is to increase the water pressure and form sprays even in areas with low water pressure. When looking for a good unit it pays to focus on brands or types that deliver adequate shower .Top choices will provide water pressure that starts from about 14 liters per minute and can go as high as 18 liters per minute.

Type of Shower Pump
Lately, different kinds of power showers are finding their way into the market. Each type claims to be better than the other. One way of identifying the best product is by looking at the design and materials used to make the shower. Generally, the pumps are made from either plastic or brass. Plastic is cheap and efficient but can be noisy during operation. Brass on the other other is more-heavy duty and quiet but is more costly. I’is good to balance between economy and quality.

Shower Type
You should look at the type of shower when searching for the best power shower. There are two main designs of this shower.One comes with a built-in integral pump while the other features a separate pump. The first type takes a smaller space, is easy to fix but is a bit difficult to customize. The second type of shower is a bit bulky and requires more space but is more versatile.

Power showers are meant to make life easier, convenient and more comfortable. Low water pressure doesn’t mean a person can’t enjoy a cozy shower. Top products are user-friendly and will come with elegant finish(chrome or satin), are ergonomically-designed for maximum comfort and safety, and are easy to clean and maintain. Reading reviews helps in getting more insights about a targeted brand/type.

You can still enjoy a convenient and relaxing shower even when your water pressure is low or your water system depends on gravitational force. What you need is getting the best power showers from a reputable source.